Pithy Reviews of all the News. . .and a little more

Here are the stories behind the stories you may read in the local paper, the kind of information you might have picked up relaxing on the front porch at the end of a hard day with neighbors and friends, or at the local bar back in the days when we were more free to gather.

Now that social media has taken over what were once polite conversations between friends and neighbors (even of differing opinions) we are also compelled to squash the rumors so often being manipulated to direct the public away from the truth. So, you will often find that we come to entirely different conclusions, but as often as possible, we will include the links to the information that informed those conclusions, so you can read them and inform your own. 

We connect the dots and follow the money to give you the most accurate picture we can.

And yes, you will also find the occasional “rant” (clearly defined as “Opinion”), because, we are, after all, only human.

Stay tuned.